The Girl Who Loved Too Much (Special Edition Hardback)

I have just a few copies left of the special edition hardback of The Girl Who Loved Too Much. It features a letterpress printed dust jacket, a numbered and signed bookplate, a mini poster, business card, greeting card and a bookmark. There is a limited print run of 20.

The hardback editions are only be available to purchase directly from here. I only ship items within the UK, thanks to Brexit, it is no longer viable for me to ship internationally. My apologies! You can still get the normal hardback, paperback and ebook from Amazon to all countries.

The Girl Who Loved Too Much (Special edition Hardback) UK ONLY

A special pack of letterpress goodies included, that have significance to the story. Price includes UK postage. ONLY TWO LEFT



What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in a different reality that was better for you, but not for those you loved?

Caru loves to make things. And collect things. And give gifts. She loves to print, sew, knit, paint. Her life is full of unfinished projects, yet devoid of financial stability and romance. Though she loves her life, she finds herself disappointing people and struggling to keep everyone happy.

So when Caru wishes life could be simpler, and then finds herself in a completely different world, where her life is easy, money is abundant, and her long-term boyfriend is the most fabulous cook, she can’t quite believe her luck.

But will all her wishes come true? Or will the dream turn into a nightmare?

The Girl Who Loved Too Much is a modern day ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.


‘What a captivating story, I couldn’t put the book down. It’s rare these days for me to read into the early hours and I’ve missed that sense of anticipation for a book. So it was lovely to have The Girl Who Loved Too Much as my Christmas read. Perfect for the long, dark nights.’ – Arcaya

‘I have just put down Michelle’s un-put-downable book! I read it in 2 sessions because I wanted to savour it 😊 Again, Michelle has created some fun plot twists. I particularly enjoyed the concept that we can be two versions of ourselves, depending on what we believe to be true! As always, thank you to the author and more books please!’ – Chip Jenkins

‘Another great story from Michelle – couldn’t stop reading it! As always, a wonderful mixture of magic and reality which draws you in and makes you need to know what happens next!’ – Carolyn H

‘The story hits that sweet spot between reality and magic. Maybe magic is more real than not? This book gets me thinking about possibilities, opportunity and choices. Also the balance between following your heart and trusting the unfolding of life. This book has enriched my soul. Thank you!’ – Amanda B