Hi! Thank you for visiting my website, and finding out more about me and my books.

I have been writing for the last twenty-eight years, and every time I start a new project, it reminds me of the magic that can be created by simple words. I spent most of my childhood in other worlds, and I always knew that I wanted to create faraway lands for people to escape to when they felt the need.

When I write, I have no idea what is going to happen, or where the story is going, which makes the twists and turns in the story just as shocking to me as they are to the reader.

I absolutely love to hear from my readers, it’s what keeps me motivated to keep writing and publishing. In the times when I feel like giving up, I will receive a beautiful message from a reader thanking me for giving them hope, or making them feel like they finally belong, or for reminding them of something they once knew, but had long since forgotten. And so I keep writing.

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It was lovely to meet you, I look forward to hearing from you.