Watch Michelle being interviewed by Phil and Holly on This Morning along with her two Earth Angel friends Sarah and Ruth

Michelle was featured in an Angel Documentary called The Illumined Ones, you can watch the trailer below:

Michelle was featured in a documentary with William Bloom, called Connections. YOu can watch the whole documentary below:

Watch Michelle’s TV appearance on the Morning Blend in Tucson here:

Michelle was interviewed in the Daily Mail, you can read the full feature here.

Click on the links to listen to Michelle’s Radio Interviews

News For the Heart with Laurie Huston

Interview with Tracee Sioux

Live Your Music with Margaux Joy 

OM Times Radio with Monika Goyal

Self Discovery Radio with Sarah Troy

BITE Radio (Bringing Inspiration to Earth) with Robert Sharpe

Starseed Academy Interview (Interview begins around 15 mins in, after the news)